108 & Things

The Moombahton flow has been great these past couple of days so I had to come back and make a new post with some more heat. So sit back and enjoy these straight out of the over tunes and some tracks that I found laying in the internet that I slept on.


The homie 2deep didn’t give it a week for another release. His VERANO EP made some serious noise out there, now he delivered another hot track along with a massive mix for you guys to enjoy.


My Moombahton brother Mr.E ut in some mad work on his new tune Brochacho. Keep on eye on this guy….big things in the making.


The off beat dembow God…Wonder blessed us with this amazing track. Make sure to check out his page this guy has some great quality stuff on there.
With their 3rd official release Liga Ritmo brings the Canadian Destroyer aka Antae on board with this tune that will definitely bring a SMILE to your face.



V for Varilla is finally out and the fam over at Emulsify really hit a homerun with this one. Varilla is a killa in the Moombahton game!!!


Another relese from Emulsify, this time from DRPX and some hard Moombahton feels.


A wild Killa appears!!!! We missed your sound my man!!


CrisMajor making some serious noise with his flip to the dancefloor classic Moombah!!!


Choppa Dunks and Snappy Jit on the same track……hold on to your butts!


CHI-C went in cabronski on his Metele Dembowsky EP. Check out his page for some Juke/Moombah fusion material.


METALJACKETS with that quick edit.
The homie Gabriel Rowano is one Dangerous Moombahtonero.


Worldwide is another place where quality stuff is being brought out right now. This time Ivan Dola & GKS go slow motion on this one!


MSC also known as Moombah Sound Collective premiers their Soundcloud page with Bassball Playas Flies/Moscas tune.


KID CHAOS with that SAUCE!!


White Gangster & MiloMIlo went 100% in this bitch with this tune right here!!
Puzzels flipped Gent & Jawns Collecta tune and this is a club banger for sure!


Desde Peru les dejo el nuevo EP de Winston Siveroni!


Once again the Moombahton Diablo showed us what a freak he is behind the decks. This time it was at Global Locos and did he put on a show for us all!!!







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