Moombahton Made Me Do It!

 2016-07-09 17.29.15
All this time I’ve been off we literally got hit with the Moombah Mainstream bus. Do I like it?……….hmmm I do like hearing the sound on a wider surface (heard it before) but never has it been labeled Moombahton……….never. That’s about the only thing that bothers me as a Moombahtonista, but then everything seems to go away when I open up my Soundcloud feed and I press play on the real stuff on there. So here I share with you a bit of what we consider and really label as Moombahton, not that stuff that you hear on the radio.


The West Coast homie 2DEEP really went in with this amazing EP titled VERANO as in…….. well just enjoy the EP and shake that.


Woggie x Puzzels slam this Red Lips remix and give it that BANGING treatment.


Dj Pablito Mix and the homie Cepillo Cuevas le ponen el sazon sabroson a Dale Hasta Abajo!


The OG’s come out and play………Loud N’ Dirty & Kapo fly this insane tune by us and it’s pure FIYAAAAAAAH!
The dynamic bass duo known as Maxx&EJ team up with Who’s John and release Blacatah, you might have heard a similar tune out there but this one was made first 😂😂😂
PEACETHEFVCKOUT just propped some new Moombah over on the Overgold Records. It’s straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!


Straight outta Mexico and with that hot hot MOOMBAH! I leave you with that new Di-Hell.


Over at La Clinica Recs the Moombah vibe is def popping off. Freebot hit a homerun with this tune!
Geos’f Oli went hamon con huevos on this Happy Colors remix.


Moombahton just got its right hand back, the fam over at Liga Ritmo bout to blow up the Moombahton airwaves once again. Gabriel Rowano started the wave effect with Squeeze.


*Moombahton Made Me Do It cover is an original Los XL design.*

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