In this weeks edition I will not be featuring that new Drake tune that is floating around. What I will be featuring is the Moombahton sound by the Moombahton Family. Sit back and enjoy a few tunes that will make your weeks worth.


Starting off the week with that new Rathero fire. Paty Up is a tune for the books, if you don’t dance this tune will def get you off your seat. Stay tune for more Rathero heat this year.


Happy Colors just dropped this soft MOOMBAHTON track para toda las sucias!!

This tune by GLOWINTHEDARK & Hasse De Moor is a one of those WTF this is a CRAZY track. Please enjoy the madness!


FlipN’Gawd Moombahton on a Monday makes the day feel better. #FIRE
My primos also know as MAXX & EJ put in mad work and released the Moombahton/Global Bass mix of the year via Showcase Monday. Please note spontaneous fires may occur while listening to this mix.


My man CrisMajor can’t stop delivering that Moombahton heat. Press play I dare you. S/O to La Clinica Recs……. We See You!


Ricky puts it down nice and slow with this HUGE BOMB…… ZOUK ME!!!
Dj Blass gave Munchi’s Pa Lo Under a re-touch and gave us this sweet sweet flip.


Mad work coming out of Chile, I leave you with a double dose of MoombahKingz.


My dude Noizekid always keeping things dirty check out his latest bootleg here.


This collab between Dope Tendencies x Jack Lawdner will be featured in an Emulsify x This Is Kuduro project coming very very soon.


Can’t go wrong with some new Laffitex.


Got that new KID CHAOS lined up for you right here.


Taking it back with this one here, Muevelo brought out this Comrade Xao flip and it was pure greatness.





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