Welcome to what we call Moombahton Monday, a showcase of pure Moombahton madness. This post has some great selection of tunes that are circulating the internet right now. So much for the talking let’s get to the Moombah!



Starting off this Monday with a bang. The family over at AYE Records & Muevelo released a huge compilation with a lot of new Moombahton talent. Take a quick venture into Esto Es Moombahton.


Desde colombia con sabor de Moombahton, les dejo un remix de mi hermano DJ THOMBS!!


Puzzles blew this remix out of the water. The Moombah is definitely strong in this tune.



This next remix is brought to you by GENE-E-OUS a local producer out of my area. His tunes have been supported by the big names out there in the biggest festivals happening right now. I leave you with this insane remix to Autoerotiques AUH!


You always come across that one tune that you put on repeat while doing your Moombahton Monday post. This tune by Push Kahlon & Talwiinder is smooth like butter.
A couple of Ri Ri’s Work flips came out this week. Both of them are great and both by great producers. I leave you with Ape Drums & Who’s John touch to that one song we hate but we always sing when we hear it.


It feels good to see the homie Heavy D on his Moombah thing once again. Enjoy this Skeem X Heavy D collab.


Bacondo brings that Twerk/ton flavor to his new  tune Dale Twerk.


While we wait for the Mexican Moombahton beast known as Noizekid to bless us with some more Moombah. Please enjoy this perfect Deep Down Low remix by Omar.



 Hugo Haze put together a compilation with great producers for his tune Fea with Masta. Hope you guys enjoy this Global Bassed release.


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