I’ve put this blog together to spread the Moombah sound once again, yet due to my busy schedule I can’t seem to put together a Moombahton Monday. I will be trying my best in the weeks to come to shoot the Moombah out on its day. For now enjoy this post with what I was able to round-up for you & remember MOOMBAHTON PARA SIEMPRE!



My posts wouldn’t be complete without a Ricky Vaughn tune. After the release of Moombahton Midnight Sessions Volume 6, Ricky decided to release “The One Tonight”on his Soundcloud account. This tune can only be described as a soulful masterpiece. Listen to the tune or watch the official music video to the track right here.



My man Woogie puts his mind on a Moombah record and always comes through with an absolute gem. Check out his RITMO tune ASAP….this one will get you off your seat. (DOWNLOAD LINK ON VIDEO)
Rell The Soundbender gave Say It by Tory Lanez the proper treatment. I leave you with an amazing work of SOUL.


Big shout out to the homie Rathero for this crazy remix of Propaganda by DJ Snake (Best remix out there). Can’t wait to hear what Rathero has in store for 2016.


Daaaaaaaaamn Kapo back at it with that Moombahton sound!!! Beware of the Colombian Moombah King…….. I said it!



Came across this well put together Moombahton edit of Mr. Polska’s Move Up tune done by DIDDYDUTCH.


 Mty dude Wost flipping Happy Colors & DJ Bekman! #FIRE #FUEGO
 El Negrito Happy released his Moombah filled EP earlier this year. Make sure to grab this one or si no ca***se en su madre.


This tune has to go down as one of the best Moombah tracks out there. Shout out to my dude Crismajor!!



Maxx & EJ are gonna take 2016 by storm, beware of the Bodegueros!! #WARNING



Really dig this version of Ginza by Moska.


Lastly, I have the very talented Los XL on deck. This may not be under the Moombah category but this right here can’t go without posting! *new moombah remix on deck too*



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