Moombahton Mondays are back and you can find em here on “El Moombahtonero” the place for all things Moombah!


 Since this is my first post I can’t leave you guys empty-handed. Meanwhile enjoy these 2 massive releases by the BIGGEST names in Moombahton.


Munchi once again found a way to break the internet with his surprise release of his NAFFIE BACK/ PA LO UNDER EP. Make sure to grab this now while it’s hot.



It is only right to have my first post with a non other that the Moombahton God: Ricky Vaughn. He has put together Midnight Moombahton Sessions Volume 6 and he aint holding back on this one. If you guys been following Ricky from his Sazon Booya days, you know that these Sessions are piled up with pure Moombahton Madness. In this volume Ricky takes a diffrent direction with his sounds and delivers 100% like always.


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