Moombahton: The Compilation


Well guys the day has come when Steve Ohh! shares this little Moombahton Comp with all of you. Once again I decided to take a shot and try to put together a series of tracks provided by non other than my Moombahton family. This time not only did I gather amazing tunes but I was able to get Moombahton OG’s like Ricky Vaughn & ETC!ETC! (who are like gods to this scene) on this compilation. This compilation here showcases the raw sound of what started as a movement and grew to what now rules the mainstream airwaves………(YES, THAT IS MOOMBAHTON!) So please enjoy this project right here and support to the fullest. Like, share and let the real world know about MOOOMBAHTON……THE REAL MOOMBAHTON SOUND!!


  1. Ricky Vaughn – New Rules (Original Mix)
  2. ETC!ETC! – Celso (Original Mix)
  3. MaxX & EJ – Quieres (Original Mix)
  4. THombs ft. Jamaruk & Joseph – La Era de Moombahton Dos (Original Mix)
  5. Yung Yare & Wost – FXCK SXRXM (Original Mix)
  6. MANKY- Bienvenido A Mi Musica (Original Mix)
  7. LoudN’Dirty x Kapo (Dos Locos)/ MoombahKingz – Fuego
  8. ZUES – Bajalo (Original Mix)
  9. Cepillo Cuevas – Chingando (Original Mix)
  10. Nino Francois – Gosar (Original Mix)
  11. Fake Moustache – Bailalo (Original Mix)
  12. Di-Hell! – Savage Machoman Returns (Original Mix)
  13. Antae – RUMBATON (Original Mix)
  14. Selecta Doc – Baddest Mothaf***a (Original Mix)
  15. ETC!ETC! x Bro Safari ft. Sanjin – Devil’s Lettuce (Puzzles Bootleg)
  16. Ace of Base – All That She Wants (Vermilion Bird Edit)
  17. Paul Lee – San Fransisco (Paul Lee’s Bugged Rework)

108 & Things

The Moombahton flow has been great these past couple of days so I had to come back and make a new post with some more heat. So sit back and enjoy these straight out of the over tunes and some tracks that I found laying in the internet that I slept on.


The homie 2deep didn’t give it a week for another release. His VERANO EP made some serious noise out there, now he delivered another hot track along with a massive mix for you guys to enjoy.


My Moombahton brother Mr.E ut in some mad work on his new tune Brochacho. Keep on eye on this guy….big things in the making.


The off beat dembow God…Wonder blessed us with this amazing track. Make sure to check out his page this guy has some great quality stuff on there.
With their 3rd official release Liga Ritmo brings the Canadian Destroyer aka Antae on board with this tune that will definitely bring a SMILE to your face.


V for Varilla is finally out and the fam over at Emulsify really hit a homerun with this one. Varilla is a killa in the Moombahton game!!!


Another relese from Emulsify, this time from DRPX and some hard Moombahton feels.


A wild Killa appears!!!! We missed your sound my man!!


CrisMajor making some serious noise with his flip to the dancefloor classic Moombah!!!


Choppa Dunks and Snappy Jit on the same track……hold on to your butts!


CHI-C went in cabronski on his Metele Dembowsky EP. Check out his page for some Juke/Moombah fusion material.


METALJACKETS with that quick edit.
The homie Gabriel Rowano is one Dangerous Moombahtonero.


Worldwide is another place where quality stuff is being brought out right now. This time Ivan Dola & GKS go slow motion on this one!


MSC also known as Moombah Sound Collective premiers their Soundcloud page with Bassball Playas Flies/Moscas tune.


KID CHAOS with that SAUCE!!
White Gangster & MiloMIlo went 100% in this bitch with this tune right here!!
Puzzels flipped Gent & Jawns Collecta tune and this is a club banger for sure!


Desde Peru les dejo el nuevo EP de Winston Siveroni!


Once again the Moombahton Diablo showed us what a freak he is behind the decks. This time it was at Global Locos and did he put on a show for us all!!!






Moombahton Made Me Do It!

 2016-07-09 17.29.15
All this time I’ve been off we literally got hit with the Moombah Mainstream bus. Do I like it?……….hmmm I do like hearing the sound on a wider surface (heard it before) but never has it been labeled Moombahton……….never. That’s about the only thing that bothers me as a Moombahtonista, but then everything seems to go away when I open up my Soundcloud feed and I press play on the real stuff on there. So here I share with you a bit of what we consider and really label as Moombahton, not that stuff that you hear on the radio.


The West Coast homie 2DEEP really went in with this amazing EP titled VERANO as in…….. well just enjoy the EP and shake that.


Woggie x Puzzels slam this Red Lips remix and give it that BANGING treatment.


Dj Pablito Mix and the homie Cepillo Cuevas le ponen el sazon sabroson a Dale Hasta Abajo!


The OG’s come out and play………Loud N’ Dirty & Kapo fly this insane tune by us and it’s pure FIYAAAAAAAH!
The dynamic bass duo known as Maxx&EJ team up with Who’s John and release Blacatah, you might have heard a similar tune out there but this one was made first 😂😂😂
PEACETHEFVCKOUT just propped some new Moombah over on the Overgold Records. It’s straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!


Straight outta Mexico and with that hot hot MOOMBAH! I leave you with that new Di-Hell.


Over at La Clinica Recs the Moombah vibe is def popping off. Freebot hit a homerun with this tune!
Geos’f Oli went hamon con huevos on this Happy Colors remix.


Moombahton just got its right hand back, the fam over at Liga Ritmo bout to blow up the Moombahton airwaves once again. Gabriel Rowano started the wave effect with Squeeze.


*Moombahton Made Me Do It cover is an original Los XL design.*




Straight off the Selegna oven, METALJACKETS release the rough sound we’ve been missing for a while & quite honestly I’m tired of all the Lean On/Sorry/One Dance crap out there. Time to enjoy that real Moombahton sound. If you have been with the sound from the initial times you know what I’m talking about. That core sound that made everyone in the Moombahton community turn their heads is strong with METALJACKETS. Grab your copy now via Munchi’s label…….this is EXTREMELY well put together. ENJOY!!! #MOOMBAHTONPARASIEMPRE




In this weeks edition I will not be featuring that new Drake tune that is floating around. What I will be featuring is the Moombahton sound by the Moombahton Family. Sit back and enjoy a few tunes that will make your weeks worth.


Starting off the week with that new Rathero fire. Paty Up is a tune for the books, if you don’t dance this tune will def get you off your seat. Stay tune for more Rathero heat this year.


Happy Colors just dropped this soft MOOMBAHTON track para toda las sucias!!

This tune by GLOWINTHEDARK & Hasse De Moor is a one of those WTF this is a CRAZY track. Please enjoy the madness!


FlipN’Gawd Moombahton on a Monday makes the day feel better. #FIRE
My primos also know as MAXX & EJ put in mad work and released the Moombahton/Global Bass mix of the year via Showcase Monday. Please note spontaneous fires may occur while listening to this mix.


My man CrisMajor can’t stop delivering that Moombahton heat. Press play I dare you. S/O to La Clinica Recs……. We See You!


Ricky puts it down nice and slow with this HUGE BOMB…… ZOUK ME!!!
Dj Blass gave Munchi’s Pa Lo Under a re-touch and gave us this sweet sweet flip.


Mad work coming out of Chile, I leave you with a double dose of MoombahKingz.


My dude Noizekid always keeping things dirty check out his latest bootleg here.


This collab between Dope Tendencies x Jack Lawdner will be featured in an Emulsify x This Is Kuduro project coming very very soon.


Can’t go wrong with some new Laffitex.


Got that new KID CHAOS lined up for you right here.


Taking it back with this one here, Muevelo brought out this Comrade Xao flip and it was pure greatness.





Welcome to what we call Moombahton Monday, a showcase of pure Moombahton madness. This post has some great selection of tunes that are circulating the internet right now. So much for the talking let’s get to the Moombah!



Starting off this Monday with a bang. The family over at AYE Records & Muevelo released a huge compilation with a lot of new Moombahton talent. Take a quick venture into Esto Es Moombahton.


Desde colombia con sabor de Moombahton, les dejo un remix de mi hermano DJ THOMBS!!


Puzzles blew this remix out of the water. The Moombah is definitely strong in this tune.



This next remix is brought to you by GENE-E-OUS a local producer out of my area. His tunes have been supported by the big names out there in the biggest festivals happening right now. I leave you with this insane remix to Autoerotiques AUH!


You always come across that one tune that you put on repeat while doing your Moombahton Monday post. This tune by Push Kahlon & Talwiinder is smooth like butter.
A couple of Ri Ri’s Work flips came out this week. Both of them are great and both by great producers. I leave you with Ape Drums & Who’s John touch to that one song we hate but we always sing when we hear it.


It feels good to see the homie Heavy D on his Moombah thing once again. Enjoy this Skeem X Heavy D collab.


Bacondo brings that Twerk/ton flavor to his new  tune Dale Twerk.


While we wait for the Mexican Moombahton beast known as Noizekid to bless us with some more Moombah. Please enjoy this perfect Deep Down Low remix by Omar.



 Hugo Haze put together a compilation with great producers for his tune Fea with Masta. Hope you guys enjoy this Global Bassed release.



I’ve put this blog together to spread the Moombah sound once again, yet due to my busy schedule I can’t seem to put together a Moombahton Monday. I will be trying my best in the weeks to come to shoot the Moombah out on its day. For now enjoy this post with what I was able to round-up for you & remember MOOMBAHTON PARA SIEMPRE!



My posts wouldn’t be complete without a Ricky Vaughn tune. After the release of Moombahton Midnight Sessions Volume 6, Ricky decided to release “The One Tonight”on his Soundcloud account. This tune can only be described as a soulful masterpiece. Listen to the tune or watch the official music video to the track right here.



My man Woogie puts his mind on a Moombah record and always comes through with an absolute gem. Check out his RITMO tune ASAP….this one will get you off your seat. (DOWNLOAD LINK ON VIDEO)
Rell The Soundbender gave Say It by Tory Lanez the proper treatment. I leave you with an amazing work of SOUL.


Big shout out to the homie Rathero for this crazy remix of Propaganda by DJ Snake (Best remix out there). Can’t wait to hear what Rathero has in store for 2016.


Daaaaaaaaamn Kapo back at it with that Moombahton sound!!! Beware of the Colombian Moombah King…….. I said it!


Came across this well put together Moombahton edit of Mr. Polska’s Move Up tune done by DIDDYDUTCH.


 Mty dude Wost flipping Happy Colors & DJ Bekman! #FIRE #FUEGO
 El Negrito Happy released his Moombah filled EP earlier this year. Make sure to grab this one or si no ca***se en su madre.


This tune has to go down as one of the best Moombah tracks out there. Shout out to my dude Crismajor!!


Maxx & EJ are gonna take 2016 by storm, beware of the Bodegueros!! #WARNING


Really dig this version of Ginza by Moska.


Lastly, I have the very talented Los XL on deck. This may not be under the Moombah category but this right here can’t go without posting! *new moombah remix on deck too*


Moombahton Mondays are back and you can find em here on “El Moombahtonero” the place for all things Moombah!


 Since this is my first post I can’t leave you guys empty-handed. Meanwhile enjoy these 2 massive releases by the BIGGEST names in Moombahton.


Munchi once again found a way to break the internet with his surprise release of his NAFFIE BACK/ PA LO UNDER EP. Make sure to grab this now while it’s hot.



It is only right to have my first post with a non other that the Moombahton God: Ricky Vaughn. He has put together Midnight Moombahton Sessions Volume 6 and he aint holding back on this one. If you guys been following Ricky from his Sazon Booya days, you know that these Sessions are piled up with pure Moombahton Madness. In this volume Ricky takes a diffrent direction with his sounds and delivers 100% like always.


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